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Chris selected as K12OnlineConference keynote speaker Each year the K12OnlineConference provides tremendous professional development for free, and entirely online. This year, they have selected me as one of their keynote speakers. I am thrilled to have been chosen and look forward to participating in the conversation. Read the full post announcing all the keynote speakers here.

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Two quick links on Cognitive Load Theory I've been fielding lots of questions lately about Cognitive Load Theory. Here are two quick links that may be useful. First is an article talking about the practical implications of CLT on the design of learning. The second are some "recent" (as of 2003) developments regarding CLT. Happy reading! Update: I clarified the second...

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Practical advice on kids and Android app development After hearing about my students' success developing an Android app, I've gotten several emails asking for more details as to how I practically worked with my kids. Here are some pointers that I offered to the first person that emailed me, perhaps they are of some use to you. Please note that your mileage may vary. It's ok to not be...

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Publishing an App Inventor app to the Android Market As I mentioned earlier, my students and I published an Android app to the Android Market. See those links for more information on the background. This post is decidedly technical. First, once we finished the coding process, we packaged the app for to download to the computer. This is an option in App Inventor. This downloaded an .apk file....

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Designing and publishing an Android app with kids This post is designed to provide some context around how/why we decided to build this app. The more technical details of the code and how we published it will come in a future post. My students and I recently completed and published an Android app, and here's how we did it. First, the genesis for this goes back to a question I asked...

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Impressed with Vocaroo

Category : Educational Technology

A few weeks ago I read Tom Barrett’s Google Earth posts with interest. The idea of using voice inside Google Earth was intriguing, as it opened up new ways for my students in Spanish class to use the language.

So I tried Vocaroo. It didn’t work.

I emailed my principal and it was then forwarded to the district level for consideration. The district folks determined that when pressing Record, the request actually went to a different server. That server was blocked by our filters for being a known proxy hosting server. I accept the need to block that server, and wrote off Vocaroo.

However, I decided to email the Vocaroo folks and let them know. Originally they had me check to see if port 1935 was open in our district. It is. A few days later, I got an email from the Vocaroo folks saying..

Hi, just an update on this.

Vocaroo has now moved to a different server, so you should be able to
access it now (unless they deliberately block the domain).

Wow! Vocaroo works like a charm now! Yay!

I asked whether this was directly related to my emails from earlier and they said:

Yes it was in response to your request – and thanks for reporting the
problem. The more people that can use it, the better 🙂

Wow again! I’m impressed. A very public thank you to Vocaroo for being willing to make this change so that my students and presumably many others can use the service.

This goes to show you, it pays to contact folks.

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How is vocaroo different from evoca? How do you plan on using it in your classroom?