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Chris selected as K12OnlineConference keynote speaker Each year the K12OnlineConference provides tremendous professional development for free, and entirely online. This year, they have selected me as one of their keynote speakers. I am thrilled to have been chosen and look forward to participating in the conversation. Read the full post announcing all the keynote speakers here.

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Two quick links on Cognitive Load Theory I've been fielding lots of questions lately about Cognitive Load Theory. Here are two quick links that may be useful. First is an article talking about the practical implications of CLT on the design of learning. The second are some "recent" (as of 2003) developments regarding CLT. Happy reading! Update: I clarified the second...

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Practical advice on kids and Android app development After hearing about my students' success developing an Android app, I've gotten several emails asking for more details as to how I practically worked with my kids. Here are some pointers that I offered to the first person that emailed me, perhaps they are of some use to you. Please note that your mileage may vary. It's ok to not be...

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Publishing an App Inventor app to the Android Market As I mentioned earlier, my students and I published an Android app to the Android Market. See those links for more information on the background. This post is decidedly technical. First, once we finished the coding process, we packaged the app for to download to the computer. This is an option in App Inventor. This downloaded an .apk file....

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Designing and publishing an Android app with kids This post is designed to provide some context around how/why we decided to build this app. The more technical details of the code and how we published it will come in a future post. My students and I recently completed and published an Android app, and here's how we did it. First, the genesis for this goes back to a question I asked...

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PleaseRobMe and Geo-Location Tweets

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I’ve been thinking about PleaseRobMe. It’s a clever idea, and a clever name. But all it does it search.

So I went to their site, and figured out how it works. And I set up a search for my local area. Now I can easily see who in my local area is not home. It certainly brings the robbing me issue closer to home.

Now the question is, what do I do about it? I’m not sure I need to do anything. My thinking goes like this..

1. Most of the time I check in, I am out of town at a conference. This is obvious by my earlier tweets, anyway. Am I putting my wife and daughters at greater risk?

2. Is anyone really reading that stuff anyway?

3. Shouldn’t I just protect my updates and not worry so much?

How do you all handle it that travel a lot? I confess I like to see folks check-in. It gives me a personal flavor to their tweets. And for me, Twitter is inherently personal.

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If I am out of town at a conference, I don’t mind tweeting or mentioning my attendance on Facebook or my blog; I have family at home and my husband is well equipped to deal with any and all would be burglars. I do protect my tweets and updates but know that it is not foolproof (or should I say hacker proof?).

However, if we are out of town on a family vacation, I will not mention the vacation until we return (if at all). I don’t want to invite trouble.


That seems very reasonable. Thanks for commenting.

This is something I was talking about just the other day. As you know, I travel a lot and post my updates. I look at it in a different light… Foursquare for me… is a way to… in a sense protect me when I am traveling. What if I went missing… or was in an accident… or… any number of things. I am leaving a bread crumb for people to find me. Sure it might tell people I am not at home but IF something were to happen while I was traveling, it might make it a little easier to trace my tracks. Maybe that is far fetched but its how I look at it.